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Custom Sound Systems  -  High Fidelity - Surround Sound - Multi-Room Audio

From audiophile sound reproduction for music or film, to enjoying any track in any room, Matheson Multimedia Sound systems are designed specifically for you and your home.

For pure Hi-Fi we can specify cutting-edge electronics and all digital systems which reproduce the most accurate sound possible.

In Screening Room and Home Theater installations our service ranges from simple living room micro-speaker surround sound systems, to designing acoustically treated rooms with up to 9.2 THX certification.

Our Multi-Room audio systems can playback your entire music collection in any room. No need to carry CDs or iPods, no unsightly cables, bulky speakers and stacks of black boxes, just home filling sound without fuss.

Whatever you like to listen to, how ever you want to hear it, a Matheson Multimedia Sound system makes it all possible.

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